WWII Japanese Samurai NCO Sword 28

WWII Japanese Samurai NCO Sword 28. Serial number on sword is 13616 which is an early number compared to others I have seen. The scabbard number is 7468. The sword itself is in great condition as is the blade. Two very small nicks in the blade. One is barely visible and is about 8 inches from the tsuba. The other is also small and is near curve in the end of the blade. The scabbard shows visible wear and some rust but no dents. It looks as though someone painted the handle of the sword at one point but the original coloring can be seen beneath it and the paint could easily be removed if you were so inclined. It looks like it was painted a military green color and could have been done by the soldier that brought it home. The scabbard has also been painted but it may be original since underneath it is just bare metal. The blade looks as if it may have been polished at some point. This sword is the same and carries the same markings as the one valued here at $900 /military/military_reference/japanese/sword_28.php

Sold in as is condition. I have provided as much detail as possible and can provide more pictures if needed to serious buyers.

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