WWII Japanese Test Type 1 Paratrooper Knife (Bayonet)

Original WWII Japanese Test Type 1 knife – bayonet,complete with issued frog and scabbard. Long referred to as the Type 100 “paratrooper” bayonet, these knives were issued to Japanese paratroopers and the 1 st Japanese Army Ranger Force (Dai-ichi Rikugun Teishin-dan) during WWII. Besides the employment of various traditional daggers ( tantō) and issued pocket knives, the Test Type 1 and the Special Purpose Test Type 1 stand as the only combat / side knives issued by the Imperial Japanese Army.

These knives / bayonets were produced at the Toyada Jido Shokki Seisakusho Arsenal, otherswise known as “Toyada Automatic Loom Works” or “TALW”. The condition of the bayonet / knife is very good. The blued fullered blade is in very good condition with most all of the blue remaining. Blade is straight and unbent. The other metal parts are in very good condition as well. There is one small dent near the pommel end on the left side. Wood grips are in very good condition as are the grip rivets. Push button is in good working order.

The TALW Arsenal mark is located on the tang. Bayonet has a very low serial number – 222 . The pommel end also has a Nagoya inspector mark as well (see Labar – LB-234, p. 328 for reference). Original metal scabbard is in good condition with some thinning to the blue and one very shallow dent to the backside.
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