WWII US M3 Imperial grd mrk Airborne Trench Knife Fighting Dagger w/ M8 Scbd A+

Very nice, original, guard marked "US M3 IMPERIAL" WWII US trench knife. Length is just over 11 3/8" w/a 6 1/2" blade. Light sharpening and finish wear w/about 70% original finish left. Good clean edge, no nicks or pitting. Guard is tight, leather grip has 3 split (though stable) rings just under the pommel and is otherwise good and tight. Good clean pommel w/ordnance mark present. Comes in nice, early "US m8 B.M.CO" marked scabbard. The snap is broken, otherwise it's in very good condition w/braided leg tie. Thanks for looking,shipping will be 9.85 in the US.kw: Paratrooper, D-Day, Ranger