WWII M6 Telescope For 37mm Antitank Gun + Scope Covers!

we have a real find. I received this scope from a purchase made in Turkey. It seams to be in great working order with the original covers made of leather. Item does show signs of use and age.Only information on the scope itself is as follows, TELESCOPE M6,NO.26475 E.K. Co.1942 F.M. This telescope has a reticle etched with dots, lines, and a circle used as reference points with different ranges and leads. The reticle was illuminated by a flashlight-type lamp which was connected to two standard flashlight cells in the tool case. The exit pupil had a diameter of 0.6 inch and the eye distance is 4.384 inches. The mount was assembled to the left side of the top carriage behind and slightly above the cradle trunnions. It was in the form of a hinged bracket, which constantly assumed the shape of a parallelogram, thus keeping the telescope parallelto the bore of the gun.

The scope cover is marked with the #'s 413. I will refund price of purchase less S&H if item does not arrive as descibed. Good luck bidding!!!!