WWII Military Invasion Special Purpose Waterproof Bag

WWII US Army / Marines Invasion Special Purpose Waterproof Rubber Bag
This is a US military invasion special purpose rubberized bag.

These were issued to amphibious landing troops during World War II.

The bag is made out of a heavy flexible rubber, sort of like what the old life rafts were made out of.
The bag consists of a black rubber body with three OD canvas straps and buckles attached to the front and sides.
There is another adjustable canvas strap that goes completely around the bag to use as a carrying strap

There is about 10 inches of rubber material at the top of the bag that has a lip that is folded over and then
the material is rolled down folded in and then the lid is closed down and cinched tight to seal out the water.

The top of the main flap has an orange rectangle with the name Johnson 3 written in black ink.

The flap is stenciled with white and reads as follows:


7 -1/2 x 7-1/2 x 12
STK . NO. 24-B-1263-200
CONT NO QM 14099

This is a very cool piece, not often seen.
They were designed for use in Amphibious landings.

an worn ashore during the D-Day Invasion of Normandy and various Japanese Islands

These are very rare and this is the first
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