WWII Military Terrain Study Atlas Maps Philippines 1944

~ RESTRICTED WWII Military Terrain Study Central Luzon Philippine Series ~

Up for auction are two MANILA DIRECTORY books of Terrain Study with information on the City of Manila, Philippine Islands. These books were compiled in the General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area, 18 October 1944.

"All available geographical information of value to staff for operational and planning purposes has been collated and is incorporated in the Study. The maps are intended to be used in conjunction with operational maps. By command of General MacARTHUR."


"In view of the importance of the City of Manila, a map and photographs showing the main features are attached. The legend to this map (Sub-sec 2) shows the location of most of the important buildings and installations arranged in numerical order. The numbers on the map are arranged in an appropriate sequence, reading from left to right south of Pasig River, thence from left to right north of the river. The city districts are also shown on map and legend. Targets 401 to 413 lie outside the attached map, but can be located by description and with the aid of Map 34, which covers the Greater Manila Area (Volume 1 of Terrain Study 94) Buildings have been spotted by informants who knew the city up to December 1941, and checked against
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