I am offering great item for the serious WWII military collector! It is a rare US Navy recon/gun camera made by the Fulmer Graflex company for the US Government during the war. This particular camera came from the estate of a WWII navy vet who served in the Pacific Theater and spent over 10 years in the Navy. These cameras would be mounted on various types of aircraft. Fighter/bombers would use them as gun cameras to record kills, and larger aircraft would use them for photo recon. THis example is a K-25 modified into a K-25B. I'm not sure what the difference between the two is. It has an ID tag mounted which reads" Property US Navy Camera,Aircraft 4X5 inch Serial number USN43-2038" It also lists other specs and the contract number. T is another tag which reads " Modified to K-25B Camera" and a yellow decal on the barrel which reads " Overhauled, Inspected and Tested NAS NOR VA." I believe this is from the Navy Aircraft Service in Northern Virginia. I also believe the the serial number dates this to 1943. The side has the stencil" for 24 volts" and the number 5. The camera is almost completely painted black, which may be beacuse it was used for night missions...I'm not sure. The lens is intact and is labeled "Paragon Antistigmat 4.5 163MM Ilex Optical Co. Rochester NY". Photo number six in the group shows this model camera mounted ... read more