WWII US Navy Aviation Radioman 3 Uniforms Headsets ETC

WWII World War 2 US Navy Radioman Uniforms Lot


Plattsburgh's Pbay Consignment Item

Item description:

From a local estate, we are pleased to offer a large lot of personal belongings of a World War 2 U.S. Navy aviation radioman (first class). Consigned to us by his widow, all items have been in storage since his discharge in 1946!

This lot includes everything pictured. NOTE: The family has elected to retain the 3 certificates pictured at the bottom of this listing. They are shown as a form of documentation, and will not be sold with this lot.

1 wool navy blue uniform

1 gabardine hand tailored navy blue uniform

1 white linen uniform

1 white linen hat

2 belts

3 arm patches

3 ribbon bars

United States Navy Rating Description

Field sewing kit

Field prayer book

Mess pass

Leather helmet

Canvas or cotton duck headgear with headset and goggles

ANB-H-1 radio headset

1940 Bluejackets' Manual

Imperium Neptuni Regis certificate, dated Feb. 12, 1945, U.S.S Burleigh, Solomon Islands

Manual: .50 caliber M.2 Browning Machine Gun

Speed Estimation manual

Theory of Sighting manual

White canvas duffle bag

Brown canvas
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