I have found the picture and the medal bar that belonged to Frank Freeman and have uploaded them in this listing. There is also a letter written by him dated 1944 to a family member that will come with this group, I did not have enough pictures left so that i could upload it also.

I have over 5000 items that I have been collecting for the last 47 years that i will be listing on ebay, all are WW I and WW II items of all country's mainly US and Germany & Japan. about 1/2 I cannot list on ebay due to offensive symbols. Its time to start clearing off the shelfs.

This is a U.S Navy Coast Guard Cutter USS Samuel Chase combat fowl weather smock or jacket named to Frank W Freeman of the APA -26 Samuel Chase. The Samuel Chase was one of the first cutters to start landing troops of the famous 1st infantry division at Normandy France on Omaha Beach at 5:30 in the morning 11 miles out. This smock belonged to one of the crewman named Frank W Sweeny who was awarded the bronze star for bravery after his LCVP-LCI was hit under extreme fire from the German Positions. This smock is in excellent condition with some stains and it has its original navy tag. The hood is still attached and in excellent condition. The material is a canvas cloth heavy material and one sleeve button strap is missing on the right sleeve.

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