WWII Officer's Shirt, Eastman Rangoon Repro sz 16x34

OnOffer: Eastman reproduction of the famous maker, Jackson Raymond's"Rangoon" shirt. This shirt is in stunning Officer "Chocolate" color and includes the "Pink" gabardine tie to match.This great piece is a size 16x34 and has been worn exactly twice to indoor events. Recently laundered and ready to go this shirt is completely free of defect of any kind and is ready for that upcoming "airshow season". This shirt new would run you 110.00 USD plus 13.50 Shipping to the USA and a several week wait if they are currently out of stock. is a chance to own one today, for much less than $123.50!
From the HPA website:
Officers had four color choices available for shirts: Khaki Shade 1, Drab Shade 54 (pink), Olive Drab shade 51 and enlisted ranks' Olive Drab Shade 18. Olive Drab Shade 51 was not authorized for wear with the officer uniform blouse; shirts of this color, like those authorized for officers in the enlisted ranks' shade 18, were reserved as a working uniform shirt worn with trousers but without the blouse. However, t were instances when regulations were sometimes overlooked and the shade 51 shirts can be found being worn with the blouse, though such applications were not common and forbidden if you went by the book. Our copy of the 'Rangoon' is available in Olive Drab shade 51 or Drab Shade 54 (pink). We have seven form-fitted
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