WWII PHOTO ALBUM ASIATIC FLEET US NAVY Philippines & Japan Tank (decoy) nose art

You are viewing an original WWII photo album with a cover which reads 'Asiatic Fleet U.S. Navy Shanghai China'. There are a total of 47 photos - 45 measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" - the Navy Group photo is 10" x 8", and the Landing Boat photo is 10" x 7" (top inch cut off). These photos were taken by a member of the fleet, and I have kept the photos in the original album, which is worn, but the cover is interesting. There are only 6 pages with photographs (on both sides) and the rest of the album is empty (apart from a couple of small private photos in the back, not related to the war).

Most of the photos have descriptions on the back indicating where they are from. The following are some of the photographs:

Philippines: Leyte Provincial Jail - Subic City - Tacloban Leyte - Radio City Leyte - Landing Boat 719 White Beach, Leyte - destroyed aircraft Tacloban (some with nose art) - Manila

Japan: (the word 'Jap' is written on several of the photos - this word I have replaced with periods) ... gun Tinian - .... Tank Tinian - men posed in front of a plane with nose art 'Annie' in Sipain (Saipan?) - .....Guns Tinian - airfield Sipain - 3 ...' - Wakayama Japan 1945 - ..... tanks - there is a very interesting photo of a 'Dummy ... Tank Wakiyama Japan' - ship going into Koma-Shima - a close up view of '.... troops' feet ……

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