WWII Ration Poster 1943 ORIGINAL and RARE

This is an original poster printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1943. âeoeSTAMP OUT BLACK MARKETS âe¦ with your ration stamps. Pay no more than legal prices.âe
The graphic depicts a large thumb coming down on a food stamp that is crushing a cartoon character representing black marketer. The artist is unknown. The poster is 27âe by about 21âe. It is in exceptionally good condition with a one inch by ½ inch tear in the thumb part of the graphic.
The poster was part of the governmentâe(tm)s attempt to urge Americans to comply with the Food Rationing Program begun in the spring of 1942. The program was implemented when the federal government determined it needed to control supply and demand. Rationing was introduced to stem the publicâe(tm)s anger with food and commodity shortages. It also prevented supplies from going to the wealthy and made more universally available.
This is a VERY rare poster. The only one Iâe(tm)m aware of is in the collection of the University of Georgia Libraries.
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