WWII Russian Made Finnish Suomi Army SA Mortar Sight

WWII Russian Made Finnish Suomi Army SA Mortar Sight

This grenade launcher aiming circle was made in USSR for Soviet army but likely captured by Finns at Winter War (1939-1940) and then served for Finnish army ca 1939-1945.

Creation Year: ca 1935


Inscription: maker mark in Cyrillic âeoeMetpribor Leningrad. 1929 year standard. Serial 79837âe; SA (Suomen Armeja) stamp

Condition: very good âe" see pictures

Maker: Metpribor Leningrad

Size : 15.5 cm high

1 inch = 2,54 cm (make your own division of metric size to get size in inches e.g. 95.5 cm divided into 2.54 equals 37.6 inches)

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