WWII U.S. Army 8th Armored Division Patch, Booklet, Tornado 8 Photos, Jeep

These items came from the estate of a veteran named David, who graduated Norristown, PA High School in 1941. He was a member of the 148th Armored Signal Company, which appears to have been part of the 8th Armored Division.

David can be seen wearing the "Tornado 8" patch while standing under the arch-way. He is also in the other pictures in that row, including the one of his sitting in the Jeep. David lived to be 86, when he died in 2009.

The "8th" patch can be seen cleary in the close-up photo, and there are several patches in which you can see under magnification of the other photos.

I believe many of the pictures are of the barracks area at the Fort Knox, Kentucky training camp, of the 8th Division. The photos were developed by a shop in Fort Knox. These may be from the day they packed up in 1945 and headed to Europe, as one photo shows a bunch of guys sitting on their duffle bags.

The 31 page booklet is about the WWII battles of the 8th Armored Division in Holland, Germany, and France. It has some wrinkles and wear.

The Czechoslovakia Guide is 80 pages and in excellent condition. This guide was prepared by the Army, for soldiers' use. It was printed July 27, 1945.

The patch has loose threads and possibly some soiling in the red and blue areas.

International Bidders OK.

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