WWII U.S Army Outboard Boat NEPTUNE 1939 Vintage Motor

WWII U.S Army Outboard Boat NEPTUNE 1939 Vintage Motor // I got this form an old army veteran years back. He purchased it from the army right after the war for his little fishing boat up at the lake. He had it running all of those years up to the time he put it away when he got to old to take the boat out. So the motor will run if you give it a little TLC, because it has been sitting for the last 10-15 years. You can see that it still has its army repaint green color on the tank. The model number is 2A 39 with a serial number of 234OB2 - The other little number I found was MS-105A and that reference to the Muncie Gear Co. Buick Outboard 1939 / So the motor is very original and has some very cool looking copper exhaust pipes.. It measures over all top to bottom 35" / From the bottom of the case motor to the top of the exhaust fin 23" -to center of prop 29" and to the bottom 32"..Hope those measurements help..If you are an old Army buff looking to ad this to an old army boat this is a very nice original piece of history. I have taken the time and extra expense to take 15 pictures for you to view all we have and the condition of this item. a.If you have any questions, please email.WE will ship bu UPS insured for $63.50 in continental U.S. . California High Bidders have a %8.75 Ca Tax. This is for California High Bidders only. LOCAL ... read more