Nice WWII U.S. Army Signal Corps CS-34 Leather Lineman's Pouch & Proto Cutters!

Offered for your consideration is a nice vintage WWII era U.S. Army Signal Corp Type CS-34 leather pouch for the TL-29 lineman's pocket knife and wire cutters. This example is somewhat unusual in that it looks as though a different color leather was used to construct the lower pouch. The appears to have been done by the manufacturer, as all stitching is intact and correct. All it needs is a TL-29 to be complete.

The pouch and cutters have seen moderate use and both remain very nice with no problems. They have not been cleaned, polished, or altered and remain original.

This is a classic piece of WWII field gear for the U.S. Army Signal Corp. The pouch was very solidly crafted from thick leather. All stitching is intact and tight, although the sewing machine ran off the tip of the upper pouch for a couple of stitches as shown. All of the rivets, snaps, and studs are original and remain intact and tight as well. The flap has Star Pull snaps and the belt loop has a steel web belt clip/hook. The flap snaps precisely and securely, remaining tightly closed. The leather is free of any cuts, tears, punctures, or environmental damage with just a bit of light soiling as shown. The wire cutters are Proto No. 207 and they remain very solid. The rubber grip appear to be the originals and they're free of any cuts, tears, or damage
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