WWII SILVER Order Patriotic War 2 class SILVER Medal Combat Service USSR

Description: We are pleased to offer here, 100% original Soviet Russian SILVER Order Patriotic War 2degree, Medals, docs, USSR, Ukraine, CCCP.Big collection. Excellent example of the Russian Soviet Communist propaganda. All documents in this collection for one person: Vasily Gavrilovich Gavrilenko . 1. Collection center is a SILVER Order of the Patriotic War of 2 degree, #6624242 document 1985, the Soviet Union. 2. SILVER Medal for Combat Service, undated document, the Soviet Union. This medal is from the series "The award has found a hero." During the war, people were awarded, but the presentation of medals in the front did not take place, and only many years later, having found in the archives of the front-line confirmation - award list - people had the chance to receive the award. It is this version has a place here. In the last photo in listing (in the collection of the document is not) have the opportunity to see the award list for this man in 1947 year, of the electronic bank documents "Feat of the people" (www.podvignaroda.ru/). 3. Medal For Valiant Labor to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth, document 1970, USSR. 4. Veteran Labor Medal, the document 1979, the Soviet Union. Great item for collectors of Soviet Russian military heritage! Excellent example of the Soviet Communist propaganda.� No cleaning! No restoration! ... read more