WWII trench art P-38 airplane made by italian prisioner of war

This item is an unusial example of what is called trench art. WWII didn't have the long hours of waiting an stailmate found in WWI but it did have prisioners of war. This airplane was made by a Italian prisioner of war held captive in england during 1944-1945. The airplane is made from old shell casings fashoned into a replica of the P-38 fighter plane. This prisioner was allowed to make these models and sell them to american bomber piolets based near Bury England. ( north of Manchester). This trench art is symple and is mounted on a small peice of backing crate painted white with what i think is white shoe polish. The wood base measures 4" X 3" and the plane has a wing span of 6 1/2". The written note (photo #4) was prepared by the invividual I purchased it from. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.