WWII U.S. Army Bell & Howell BNCLR M19 7x50 binocular

WWII U.S. Army Bell & Howell BNCLR M19 7x50 IF binocular with reticule, coated lenses and original case

Description and Condition

This 985g full sized binocular is a lightweight by comparison with the Navy glasses. This one has internal haze but the coated lenses make the image look good. The advantage to this binocular is that it was so carefully made that it did not need re collimating after the lenses were changed or cleaned.

I will be posting many more glasses in the next few weeks, some modern, some WW1 and WW2, Zeiss, Leica, Nobilem, Bauch & Lomb, all interesting and often the best in their class.

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