WWII USAAF Sterling Lapel Pin 4 Engine Bomber Plane NR

NR- This is a N o R eserve Auction -NR

Marked sterling. 7/8" wing span. Good condition.

If t is damage
it will be noted in the item description, or clearly shown in the photos.

Time does not always allow for answers to email questions. Please base you decision to bid on the photos, description, my feedback, and the following:
Satisfaction Guarantee
A refund of the bid price will be given if:
1. Buyer upon receipt emails that item is being returned.
2. Buyer ships item back within 3 days in condition sent.
NOTE: If the description has a substantial error, refund will include fees, and return shipping.
What Will This Auction Cost Including Shipping?
The cost of this auction is fixed.
No options, No adjustment, No Surprises.
1, US Buyers: pay the high bid + $3.95 flat rate (S&H) fee.
2. International Buyers pay the high bid + $5.95 flat rate (S&H) fee.
NOTE: I will not falsify Customs forms.
3 . After the first, all same day wins receive a $3 per auction discount to the S&H fee.
1. Shipping loss or damage is covered only if you choose the optional USPS insurance. If you choose not to insure, you are agreeing to wave your right to do a credit card charge back for a lost or damaged item.

2. For US Shipping $1.65 covers the
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