WWII Vintage M-69 F USN Leather Flight Jacket Coat 42

Vintage U S Navy Air Transport coat. Goatskin leather with genuine wool collar and alpaca lining. In decent condition for it's age; photos tell the story. Complete (even has the belt & buckle) and all original buttons in place and good shape. Satin lining solid except at top and underarms w t are small worn/torn areas. No appreciable wear spots I can find on the inside alpaca or collar. The original size "42" tag is not t, but own several of these coats and this fits me like a 42. FWIW: I ordinarily wear a size 46 jacket or coat and this would fit me with a light sweater or shirt. Leather mostly smooth and supple, with some flaking, scratches but not excessive for a 70+ year old leather item. I own a number of these coats and this is decent, but it's still a 70+ year old coat. Made by the Gordon and Fergusson Co., Inc., Contract No. N2383-12608 as best I can read it. From the information I have, these coats were made from about 1933 up to about 1941. With the outbreak of World War II and improvements in heating of planes cockpits, heavy, long coats were no longer as necessary and these required a whole lot of leather that would need to be directed to making G-1 and A-2 flight bomber jackets. I have several old photographs of admirals wearing these (Halsey and Nimitz, as I recall). A decent example of the style, claen and

I will ship overseas (Europe, Japan) as long as firm payment (no credit cards, etc.) is made up front, promptly, and all items then are "as-is".

Shipping estimate to Japan for example is: $70.95 Express Priority Mail® International 6 - 10 Days, $63.20 Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box 6 - 10 Days, & $37.00 for Standard Flat Rate Box (Don't know if Flat Rate is an option due to size). Thanks.

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