WWII Waffen SS Postcards

Extremely rare postcards of Waffen SS troops in action. All were made by Kunstverlag E.A. Schwerdtfeger & co. AG, Berlin. All have " Unsere Waffen-SS" on the top left of the backs, but the
" SS ", looks somewhat like lightning bolts. An expert, not me, may be able to say for sure if these were staged shots for the camera but on one shows soldiers walking by a burning building, and one shows a machine gunner shooting with a man feeding him ammo.Staged photos or not, I've never seen Waffen SS soldiers in the field on postcards, period. Two show Tanks in action and except for a small stain on one bottom, these postcards are in perfect condition.
Unique, rare, and a very nice group of original Waffen SS postcards. I've never seen one, much less four, of these pieces of WWII history.