WWII War Dept Letter To Family Of POW Corregidor Bataan

are a couple letters to and about a brave US Army Pvt named Elmer A Thomas from Greenville, Pa...He was stationed around Bataan during the final surrender to the Japanese..The War Dept letter(2pg) is dated May 25,1942.It is adressed to Pvt Thomas's mother back in Pa...It is a leter explainig that their son was known to be serving in the area of the surrender.Letter states that the Japanese have not correctly reported the amount of deaths.Letter can be read in full in my pictures..The 6 page letter from his mom is addressed toClark Fiel Philippine Islands and stamped"Returned to sender Service Suspended"..Very freaky that the date of postmark on the letter to elmer,from mother,is Dec 22nd,1941 is the exact date the Japanese army landed at Lingayen Gulf.Japs got him and mom got her letter back.How sad could it get.

I know for a fact that Pvt Thomas ended up surviving the Bataan Deat March and ended up being interned to Philippine Military Camp # 1.Just last week I sold his POW notice card from the Japanese Imperial Army POW Card and a Western Union Telegram,informing the family of his capture..Te auction number is 150206310881 if you want to verify the timeline and facts on this fella/story.From my information from local Greenville Pa vets,Pvt Thomas was liberated in the"Great Raid" in Jan '45 from the camp at Cabanatuan.He
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