WWII Wooden Machete Scabbard Handmade-Carved PI-battles

WWII Wooden Machete Scabbard Handmade-Carved PI-battles Search

For Auction is what appears to be a machete scabbard screwed together from three pieces of wood, with hand carved design and letters PI (presumably Phillipine Islands). Inherited from my uncle who was a combat veteran of the Navy during WWII and was in many battles in the Phillipines and surrounding areas in the Pacific.

It is approximately 4" wide and 15 1/2" long, by 1 1/4" thick at it's widest point. Lettered in ink on the back, are the names, some with dates, of over 20 battles/engagements in the Pacific including (not in order) Guadalcanal, Buna, Leyte, Mindoro, Okinawa, Palan, Samar and more.

Slot for machete approximately 1/2" at thickest, and 1/4" at thinnest and about 2 1/4" long.

Hole drilled through wood, with rope threaded through to tie to belt.

Appears to have been used, but is in good condition for its age.

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