WWII / WW2 US Army, US Military, Toiletry Set, Personal Hygien Kit, Sew Kit, +

WWII / WW2 U.S. Army , U.S. Military, Toiletry Kit, Personal Hygiene Set. W/ Sewing Kit, Razor Set. Typical of the Toiletry Kits used during WWII. Khaki Kit Roll is in excellent Condition. Kit un-rolls and has many inside pockets for storage of Personal Hygiene items. Kit includes the following items:

(1) Aluminum Soap Can (no soap inside)

(1) Can of TALC FOR MEN ( Avon )

(1) Gillette Razor Set w/ Blades.

(1) Shaving Brush.

(1) Hair Trimmers

(1) Black Plastic Storage Tube for a Short Toothbrush (no toothbrush).

(1) Sewing Kit with Thread, Buttons, Scissors, Thimble.

(1) Metal Shaving Mirrow with OD Canvas Case.

The Toiletry Roll measures about 16” x 13” inches when un-rolled and laid flat. The Toiletry Roll has a belt and buckle that allows the Kit to be hung from the waist for use. All of the Kit contents are in very good condition.