WWII WW2 Brass 40MM Anti-Aircraft Artillery Shell

Offered for auction is a a brass WWII artillery shell that I believe came from an anti-aircraft battery. This shell along with several other military items was purchased from a large military collection that was sold off this past summer on the mid-coast of Maine. This is only the brass casing. It stand 12-1/4" in height and is about 1-5/8" in diameter at lip and is 2-1/2" in diameter at its base. The base is embossed "40MM.MK-2 6-1944 R.V. (with an anchor) LOT 765". T is also a symbol that appears to be an "M" and "W" super-imposed within a circle. The primer remains in-place - notched - this was a fired round. Please e-mail me with any questions before you bid. Please note that I ship only through the US Post Office. Shipping cost will be determined at the cost of the auction and will reflect solely that which is charged by the Post office to ship from my address to that of the winning bidder's. Non-US interested parties would be expected to make payment by means of an International Money Order - payable in US Dollars. I do not participate in Paypal. T is NO RESERVE on this item. Thanks for your interest.