Excellent pair of 10x50 Zeiss (the military code for zeiss is blc) binoculars with issue case. Optics are nice and clear - no double vision. Eyepieces rotate smoothly for individual focus. Eyepieces are made of brass instead of the more usual brass. The binoculars are clearly marked Dienstglas, 10x50,2215461, blc +. The serial number corresponds, I think, to a late 1941 or 1942 contract production date. The textured coating on the barrels has seen quite a bit of service wear, but t is no damage to the underlying metal - it's just the gritty coating that's worn down. T is a name written on the left barrel which I think is probably from the GI who souvenired them, but they could also be from the original owner. The same man's initials are also lightly scratched into the metal - no damage - just enough that you know this guy didn't ant anyone mistaking these binoculars for someone else's. These were highly prized as souvenirs, not to mention being functional - probably the best optics in the world during WWII. The binoculars are complete with strap and also the issue button flap - the flap has some kind of issue mark but I can't read what it says - the leather on both of these is still very solid - perfectly usable. The case is clearly dated 1942, with a Waffenamt eagle and a maker's mark 'WINKLER - SPANDAU'. The metal spring clip

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