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You are biding on 2 original silk war maps from WWll of Occupied and unoccupied Europe . These are a very rare find, they would honor all collectors of war memorabilia. T are no tares, stains or rips on them. From what I was told these maps were in the survival kits used to get to a safe locations. Side One map measures 23" X 18" full color. France with Occupied and unoccupied markings, A.D.I. (maps) Air Ministry # 7329A 9.C (A). True magnetic North markings. Coastal view from Cuxhaven to Bilbao . Side Two GERMANY 1939-1941 Scale of 1:2,350,000, rivers with arrows that indicate flow direction, Boundaries 1939 and 1941. D.D.I. (maps) Air Ministry, no. 7330 Scale 1:3,000,000. Reference to rail ways, Reichsautobahnen, 1 st and 2 nd class roads, canals, river with arrow pointing in flow direction. Magnetic true north variation indication of 3o7'W (1941) A.D.I. (maps) Air Ministry no. 7330.

The second map Sheet A France ( North West ) Belgium (West and Central) and Holland . Scale 1:1,000,000 this shows all main, subsidiary and Important roads, Railways, Canals, International Frontier marked with bold red line. Also on sheet A The Pyrenees (East & Central) Scale 1:500,000. Shows woods, Railways 4,2,1, and narrow gauge tracks, Franco-Spanish-Frontier, Northern Limit of Forbidden Zone marked with bold
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