Wyandotte Pressed Steel Sedan

Wyandotte Pressed Steel Sedan

A Wyandotte Pressed Steel Sedan Car. This dates from the 1930's and was originally from a car transporter. It has been extremely well restored.

I only ship on Friday and Saturday

I list on Thursdays and Fridays, and will combine shipping on those two days only in any one week.Pay me on Thursday I ship Friday, pay me Friday I ship Saturday. PLEASE Note that I only ship on those two days,and go to the Post Office at 9.00am, so if you pay Saturday after I have been to the Post Office I won't ship until the next Friday.I work away from home during the week, and weekends with my family are sacred.

I ship by Signed For in the U.K. and International Signed For (small packets) abroad. The Post Office only give �46 compensation on the standard service, so if your item makes substantially more than that, I will charge the rate for appropriate compensation in the case of loss or damage.

I do not understand people who bid furiously then take ages to pay. What's the point? I assume that you bid because you want the item.So I follow eBay procedures, and report the failure to pay after 4 days. After a further 4 days, if there is still no payment, eBay cancel the transaction, and I put the person on my "blocked bidder list" This only affects a very small number of people, the
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