Wyoming highway 94 road sign Wild West USED AUTHENTIC

Here is an older, interesting sign from the Cowboy State, featuring the traditional bucking bronco (WOW!). I say older, because this sign features the brown-on-gold color scheme, which has since been discontinued. This 24" square aluminum sign is covered with "engineer grade" reflective sheeting, in nice, USED condition and lays completely flat. The sign features the state name, which is done in only about 16 states. This sign is made of thinner material than most, because it was used as on overlay to cover up another sign. This is a very common practice in the state of Wyoming, and that fact will factor favorably in the shipping cost. This sign was obtained legally from scrap.

PLEASE NOTE: e-bay forces us to enter more detailed shipping information. Because there are several variables going into the shipping calculation (1. while I am on the road, the point of shipping changes depending on where I am when I receive payment, 2. different signs have different sizes and weights, 3. sometimes I get to combine more than one sign into one parcel, etc., etc.) the shipping "wizard" cannot be accurate. Often the stated rate in my listing is actually too high, but then again it can also be too low at times. PLEASE IGNORE THE SHIPPING COST that appears in the listing. Also, I will NOT ALWAYS be shipping from the stated "item location"
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