X-MEN STORM 12" TOY BIZ Special Collectors Edition NRFB Storm-Ororo Munroe Growing up an orphan on the streets of Cairo and later worshiped as a goddess in Africa , Oror Munroe never had much of a normal life. Now taking the name of Storm, she has found her place as a leader of the X-men team! With the mutant ability to control the forces of weather, Storm could create a lightning-filled tempest from out of a sunny day! Respected as much for her wisdom and leadership as for her amazing powers, Storm knows that she now has the life and family she never had before-with the Uncanny X-men! Marvel comics 1996 X-men action figure item no. #48416 NRFB. Storm transforms from super hero to civilian in a flash. Contains civilian and super hero wear & accessories, Fully poseable, highly detailed and real cloth clothing. She has her white storm suit and a green civilian set with boots. Box has minor storage wear at the bottom.

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