X-Men 2 Movie Banners and Theater pins + Dog Tags!!!!!

Up for auction are 2 X-Men 2 Banners, Theater buttons, and some Dog Tags!!!!
The banners are 4'x10' and in great condition. T are NO holes in them at all. T are some very light scratches on one but barely noticeable!!! The wrinkles you see in the pics are from being stored. They will go away if or when the banner is hung up. These are the REAL thing and I know this because I worked at the theaters w I live for over 9 years and that is w I got them!!!! These are the high quality vinyl banners you see in theater lobbies. These actually are pretty rare!!!
Also available are the full set of buttons that were released to theaters for this movie. These are the buttons the employees wear. They are in excellent shape. Some have some small dings in them but the surface of the button has not been compromised.
Also t are 6 metal dog tags from the movie. 5 of them are character tags and one just has the X on it. Each one of the character tags are below the respective button with the same character. These are TRULY RARE items!!!! I have never seen them anyw else. This was all could get because they didn't send us one for all characters. These are in perfect shape!!!!!
Again, I got all this when I worked at the theaters in my town. These are all the REAL thing!!!
Payment via Pay-Pal only unless other arrangements
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