X-MEN #36-39 FINE 5.5/6.5, NO RSV

X-MEN #36-39 F 5.5/6.5, NO RSV

Currently we are offering over 160 Marvel lots of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Ghost Rider & X-Men. These runs are comprehensive and nearly complete. Please use the description rather than the auction scan for completeness. We are currently Illinois' largest dealer of modern age books on E-Bay and have over ten years of grading experience so bid with confidence. Our main goal is simple: We are committed to providing the best customer service every time. Guaranteed. Our near perfect feedback is a reflection of the extra effort we put towards our auctions and in insuring our customers that they are bidding with among the top tier sellers on E-Bay. Do not hesitate to ask for more scans if needed. Once again, thanks for looking and good luck bidding.

SHIPPING: We will gladly combine purchases in order to save on shipping, this also includes any purchases made within our E-Bay store. Items will be shipped within 7 days once payment has been received. For any additional international winnings shipping will be calculated after auction's end.

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$6.00 for 1-2 books $9.00 for 1-2 books $11.00 for 1-2 books

$7.00 for 3-4 books $10.00 for 3-4 books $12.00 for 3-4 books

$8.00 for 5-9 books $11.00 for
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