Hey gang! I'm back...

What's been going on at The Charlton Household? Well, we're six months into our Charlton Kitchen Renovation and the truth be told, we're about smack-dab out of money!

In the meantime, this factor hasn't curtailed my comic buying habits in the least, much to The Charlton Wife's chagrin. So it's time to do the right thing...and buy more comics!!!

Juuuusssst kidding honey!

What I really have to do is unload some of my recently acquired gems and buy a new microwave oven (The Charlton Wife is doubly irate because I turned the old one into a comic book cloning device).

So we go with my first offering:

It's a sweet upper-mid-grade specimen of X-Men #94!

First Appearance in the regular title of that wacky team of Mutants you all know and love!

As for me, I guess I snagged this book to check out what all of the fuss has been about for the last thirty years and I have to be honest, I just don't get it. I'll stick to my Reptisaurus and Konga and Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds and leave all of this mutant angst to you!

Again, it's a sweet copy, and The Charlton Guy calls it a FINE. Very sharp, flat and square. A few color breaks on the spine near the staple tines, but these are just stress lines (the cover is not pulled from the staples and
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