X-MEN Wolverine Claws and Dog Tag props! Hugh Jackman

This is pretty much the cream of the crop. X-Men is the #1 comic movie that's ever been out, and Wolverine is the #1 character in that movie. I think they're even coming out with a movie JUST on Wolverine...without the X-Men. This item is for 2 of the claws actually used by Hugh Jackman in the movie along with the dog tag that was used by him as well. The dog tag was easily seen in the cage fight scene at the beginning of the movie, and also a closeup of it when Rogue was talking with him in his truck. The Dog tags were seen in that movie over and over again. Sabertooth took it from Wolverine. Wolverine took it back in a fight. It was given to Rogue as a symbol of hope that he was going to return. He said "I'll be back for that."

T is NOTHING like this on eBay. I wouldn't put it on eBay for $1.00 and no reserve if I didn't do that with every auction. It was framed/cased by 20th Century Fox and the Certificate of Authenticity is from 20th Century Fox Archives. The brass plate says "AUTHENTIC PROPS MANUFACTURED FOR WOLVERINE FROM THE MOVIE X-MEN." The back has the name and E-Mail of the person who cased the props. The props themselves have never been touched by anyone other than the people involved with the movie. Once Fox cased them, it's never been reopened.

The case is in perfect condition along with the props.

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