3 x Sheets of U.S. #3142 1997 Classic American Aircraft

3 x Sheets of U.S. #3142 1997 Classic American Aircraft
Issue Date: July 19, 1997
City: Dayton, OH
Quantity: 161,000,000
Printed By: Stamp Venturers
Printing Method: Photogravure
Perforations: 10.1
Color: Multicolored P-51 Originally built for Britain’s Royal Air Force, the North American P-51 emerged at the end of World War II as the finest all-around piston-engine fighter in service. Affectionately referred to as the Mustang, its nickname was a suitable choice – referring not only to the plane’s American beginnings, but also its untamed power. Although the basic design of the P-51 was sound, tests soon proved that the Mustang’s greatest disadvantage was its engine. In the RAF’s opinion it was “a bloody good airplane” needing only “a bit more poke.” Engineers on both sides of the Atlantic contemplated the problem, and eventually it was suggested that a Rolls Royce Merlin engine be installed – a modification which dramatically improved the P-51’s performance and revolutionized its potential. Able to fly long range, the Mustang could now reach beyond Berlin, as far as Austria and Czechoslovakia. Known for accompanying the B-17s on their longest raids, the P-51 was also employed as a fighter, fighter-bomber, dive-bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft. Following the war it continued to be used by numerous
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