6 x NEW Wilkinson DELUXE Chrome & Green Tuners / Machineheads, 3-a-side WJ44 CR

Set of 6 x NEW Wilkinson Deluxe CHROME WJ44 Vintage Oval Tuners (3-a-side) includes washers, screws, & bushings To fit guitars with 9mm headstock holes This is a brand new set of 6 Wilkinson Deluxe WJ44 Vintage Oval tuners. They are designed for upgrading guitars where the headstock has 3 tuners on each side. Wilkinson parts really are the benchmark for quality at a price-point that beggars belief, you just cannot buy better quality at this price, but you can easily buy worse for more. Everything you need comes with the set, Tuners, Washers, Bushings, & Screws Featuring Wilkinsons 'E-Z-Lok' system. "This feature is essentially 2 string post holes drilled at 90 degrees from each other. Pull the string through one hole real tight, wrap 3/4 around the post, pull tight through the other hole. Tune to pitch, cut the string- DONE. Use the top hole first for the E, A and D, use the bottom hole first for the G, B and E. Or, you can ignore it and string your axe the traditional way, the choice is yours." All products are shipped OEM and your items will be sent bubble-wrapped, and shipped fully-insured.