8 x 7 Yamaha Oak Custom Tom in York Honey Amber

8" Yamaha Oak Custom Tom in York Honey Amber This tom is in great condition. This 8 x 7" hanging tom will add an extra dimension to your set-up. It has a really great punchy sound that the Oak Customs are renowned for.
The batter head remo coated ambassador, and the resonant head is the stock clear Yamaha head ( Remo ). The batter head has only been played a few times.
I also have the 16" hanging tom in a seperate auction, again in York hony Amber, so if you already have a 5 piece, these could serious beef up your kit. I've also seen a Oak Custom shell pack on Ebay right now which these match perfectly.
Here's what Music Radar had to say about the Oak Customs. Thanks for looking


Unusual wood that is different, but more than equal to, maple or birch. Great finish.


If you don’t try them, you won’t know what you’re missing.


Whether or not oak can ever become a genuine third option of shell material remains to be seen, but by judging this kit it certainly deserves

_gsrx_vers_468 (GS 6.4 (468))

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