x1 For BOSE 802 901 800 402 151 101 HiFi PA NEW Tri3Fit Driver Chassis Speaker


These desirable & fabulous Top Quality High Spec speakers that have proved so popular from DIY'ers to Qualified Technicians

when installed in the Bose cabs, They are always a real Delight to hear, loud or soft, always deliver clear HiFi predictable quality sound.

well if your buying again or for the first time you will be stunned by the value unequalled else where

so grab a bargain before we sell out

thanks for looking

for the 101 or 151 direct replacement

for the 402 & 802 most engineers prefer a full refurb / upgrade with these

as a matched electrical set and a correct visual match

many dont like the dolly mixture look of a mix-n-matched set

large Quantities have been sold for the bose range

-- --

Are your hard worked Bose on the PA front-line die-ing from :-

Being over driven? Damp ! Rain ! or simply Old age ? Are your Cones & Surrounds , Rotten, Moth eaten or Turning to Dust? Plastic frames Cracked, Smashed or the Magnets simply Fallen away?

At last - There's an answer.

Why pay some £80+ for Each new driver !!

Its been known folk have paid over £100 for a new Bose driver !!!

shocking to think for a pair of 802's would cost an astronomical £1600.00 !! + labour !!

so you

And don't pay over the odds for dodgy 2nd user items

Join the many happy Bose owners or profiting top qualified engineers

who have brought 1000s of Bose speakers back from the dead to like new,

The Likes of the BBC, ITV, Commercial radio, pubs, clubs, theatres & private hire

around the country & throughout the world

or simply for personal use.

its your choice, but welcome, you are in good company.

When these NEW High Q uality Acoustic Transducers


Perfect for easily refurbishing a complete set of

Most Bose Speaker Cabinets etc.

Or why not build & design your own Impressive Quality HiFi or PA speakers !

Each ADVANCED driver is engineered to an Improved 's imilar' + + spec :-

4.5 inch diameter 60watts @4 ohms, compact but high power HiFi. High power handling with the same size 1" high power voice coil, A Long-life water proof rubberised coated fabric surround . With Weather proofed re-enforced cones. ' Waterproof '!! Substantial magnet Secured in a sturdy steel Chassis baskets. 'simply built to last'
Item unit, Part number :- " 4BOSE-2020+HiFiPAUpgrade 3star"

The 802 cabs will be 8 ohms the 402 cabs can be 4 or 16 ohms These speakers can be used just about anywhere. You can use them in the car, in a custom cabinet, ETC.

Many customers have re-furbished BOSE 802s (MK1&2s)+800+901+402+101+151etc PA & Car/Auto SPEAKERS

with these drivers and are delighted with the results.

I have a pair of 802s & 402s & 151/101s fitted with these and they sound great

you are welcome to view & listen prior to bidding if you wish.

I'm based at Trent Bridge Nottingham "Middle England"

RobinHood Country

( Near the cricket ground re the ' ASHES' !)

Please bring your favourite music & enjoy a pint

The majority of customers who bought these drivers once have subsequently bought more. Quantities available please e-mail for details !!!

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please contact me with ANY questions

-- Please NOTE this price will be for


x1 complete NEW Loud Speaker (Driver / Transducer.)

Thanks for looking

Please feel free to call text or e-mail me regarding any questions you may have - Mike on 07941 482 713

so Buy NOW as manufacturing costs are going up They're going fast its peace of mind technology

please note:-The speaker photo IS of the Actual Product. Re the logo / label, on the rear of the speaker in picture is for info & tech purposes only. Photo edited to confirm product ap...
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