x2 STEAMPUNK ORIGINALS TPB Volume I + II 1 2 Arcana Paperback Comic GN art book

Up for auction are the following 2 BRAND NEW condition graphic novels:

Steampunk Originals TPB from Arcana - Goggles, gadgets, and gears: considering Steampunk on those terms is no less absurd than imagining our reality populated solely by electricians, hackers, and astronauts. Imagine a reality where steam-based technology and 19th century culture persisted. The Confederacy holds to Southern traditions while industry flourishes in the Union. The west is wild as the Apache fight to take back their land. Japan remains feudal under the shogunate, China struggles with opium addiction, and India is oppressed by the East India Company. Rebellions run rampant across mainland Europe while the British Empire seeks to colonize the globe. Steampunk can be as rich and diverse as our own reality. Steampunk Originals II TPB from Arcana - Imagine a reality, which advanced 150 years down a different path. A world where the technological revolution never happened, electricity and internet combustion engines were never mastered, and yet, industry and innovation rose to meet the wants and needs of civilization. Think of something you're passionate about and picture what it might be like in this world, explore that subject through a narrative and allow the story to reflect a critical perspective. That's SteamPunk.

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