XMODS Switchblade, FatBoy HC, Aluminum, FETs, Lithium

Auction is for a one generation 1 XMOD modified chassis. I think the only stock parts left on this car are the rear pan, the front body clip and the diffs. This car has switchblade chassis, bearings, carbon fiber driveshaft, aluminum everything including the front axels and lithium ion batteries. The electronics were purchased from Atomic Mods and include stacked FETs with tight turns modification. The motor is the Atomic Mods FatBoy HC. I built this car over two years ago and got away from the hobby. Looking at the diffs and motor, I don't think I ever ran this car. You can see how clean this car is in the pictures. I did test before taking the pics and this thing is a rocket. The car is set up for the 65 mustang body. I will ship two Mustang bodies, any Mustang body kit parts I have and a controller with the chassis. You will need a lithium ion charger for the batteries.
No International Shipping