Xtreme Couture AFFLICTION MMA TEE Jeweled Skull XXL

Xtreme Couture Clothing - Men's Tee Jeweled Skull in Red
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Descriptions - This is a fantastic shirt for any MMA fan! This is 100% authentic Xtreme Couture clothing Wear!
Xtreme Couture Xtreme Couture is a clothing line formed in partnership with Heavyweight Champion Randy "The Natural Couture". The line features shirts from many of the top fighters in the sport.
Randy Couture's new collection appropriately named XTREME COUTURE. XTREME COUTURE'S distinctive tops are complimented with various print techniques, hand installed studs, and appliqu patches. XTREME COUTURE has definitely taken the gloves off and will be unleashing its power on the MMA and extreme sports market with unrivaled style and quality. Each intricate graphic is created by Affliction's team of artists and is a distinctive work of art. The graphics are screen-printed using water base inks, which yield a no-hand feel and add to the vintage look.
Affliction Clothing is the premier label for men who love hard rock and fast living. Already a mainstay for the heaviest bands, A-listers, and the fashion conscious, Affliction
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