XX-1/C1 $20 Female Riding Deer Bogus Note 1861

XX-1/C1 $20 Female Riding Deer Bogus Note 1861.
The Female Riding Deer (FRD) fantasy or bogus note was thought for years to be an official Confederate issue and in fact saw widespread circulation. No Confederate collection is complete without an example. The central vignette is actually of the Roman goddess Diana. Recently discovered evidence about this issue is discussed in detail in A Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency by George B. Tremmel. This green overprint example has printed signatures and a hand-written serial number. There are nine different backs known for the FRD note with this example having back "H". This is now generally believed to be a post-Civil War woodcut rendering of a Samuel Upham note. Fine severed in two and repaired.. Grade: 120, Service: Allen, Service No.: 7008000