Yamaha 01X Digital mixer/soundcard

Up for grabs Yamaha 01x, really sad to see this baby go as it has served me well for the past couple of years, have now changed to a Presonus studio live 1604, but this worked flawlessly with presonus studio one,cubase and sonar in a 32 bit vista enviroment, but it will work with some 64 bit ops as well (xp pro 64 being one of them) mac compatible also...in exellent condition in original box with cables and plugins. this cost me £899 a few years ago and was £1500 when it came out...grab a bargain... thanks for looking.... if you need some other stuff that was working with this flawlessly..Check out my other items !


Total Control
The Yamaha 01X offers remote control power never before seen in a multifunction product of this type. With a level of integrated DAW support normally found only in dedicated remote control products costing as much as Yamaha 01X itself, the Yamaha 01X can also be the ultimate human user interface between you and your software.

Functions which can be controlled directly from the Yamaha 01X include track arming, transport control, plug in editing, mixing, window selection and many more using existing and popular control protocols. This means you have support straight out of the box for Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer and many more software products
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