Yamaha DX7 with E! upgrade, manuals, cartridge, & bag!!

This is an original (brown, 1st gen.) Yamaha DX7 keyboard. It has been upgraded (by the previous owner) with the Grey Matter Response E! card. This allows the instrument to store 10 banks of 32 voices, instead of the original single bank. This instrument has 320 sounds already loaded in. I am also including the manual for both the DX7 and the E! card (the latter is necessary because some of the function keys are different with the upgrade). I am also including a cartridge, the Voice ROM 108, Special Selection "Gary Leuenberger", (it has 64 sounds) and a vinyl bag that is the right size for the keyboard. The keyboard has lived in my smoke-free house for the past 10 years. It is fully functional. Please feel free to ask questions. Don't miss this chance to own one of the most popular digital keyboards of all time!