YAMAHA ELECTONE MDR-4 Rare Music Disk Recorder+Midi lead+Bracket

YAMAHA MDR-4 MUSIC DISK RECORDER -for Electone models (Stock picture)

Complete with Power Adaptor, Midi leads and the bracket to attach the unit to your HS Electone

Very little use, complete with Power supply, Midi Leads and the Bracket to attach the MDR-4 to your Yamaha Electone Organ
The Mdr-4 is a sophisticated recording device that lets you record your performances.
The MDR-4 not only records the notes you play, it also remembers the voices and rhythms you select, the front panel controls you change as well as all expression pedal, footswitch and knee level positions, to reproduce your performance exactly as you play it, moreover, you can separately record different parts of your performance, building up a song part by part.
The MDR was produced to solve the problem of not being able to record a performance on a RAM Pack,
and because of the high price of the RAM Packs. It is able to store 16-40 files (depend on model).
Each file can contain Registrations, user voice data, panel settings, current registration (which may not
be saved in the Reg. Mem) global settings, and a performance (even in parts - upper/lower/pedal/etc.).
This device is a "must have" for any Electone owner who wants to save his registrations and performances shortly - all of us.
The MDR needs to be connected via
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