Yamaha FG450S vintage acoustic guitar 1980's

Really nice old Yamaha FG 450S solid top acoustic - I bought it for a project that needed a quality dreadnaught sound, and this thing has it in spades!
It sounds like the platonic dreadnaught, clear, crisp, fast attack, with rich overtones and warmth that only come from an old guitar - lots of volume and projection, chimey when strummed and delicate when fingerpicked
The condition is excellent, only one or two dinks
The neck is fast and easy to play, the action is middle/low with plenty of room for lowering and truss rod adjustment
This is the model with the dove on the headstock - most people agree that this was a superior time in Yamaha's production output
It has Yamaha Japan stamped tuners - I put a buffalo bone compensated bridge on, and the nut is bone too, but it was like that when I bought it.
Anyone who plays this guitar instantly loves it - my friend who played in an 80's reggae band (can't remember their name!) calls it a 'rolls royce' of a guitar and I'm inclined to agree!
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