Yamaha flute YFL 211S

Good condition, as shown
"The Yamaha YFL211S Flute is widely regarded as one of the best student flutes on the market to date. Their reliability and longevity have consequently made them a favourite with flute teachers and pupils worldwide, helping generations of budding flautists well on their way to reaching their full potential. The YFL211 is one of the most durable student flutes, with extremely strong key-work and thickened key posts. Because the mechanism is tough, it can stand up much more successfully to the rigors of the day-to-day life of a student.
With reinforced key-work and such a strong mechanism, one might assume that the YFL211S would feel bulky and sluggish but this is certainly not the case. This flute has a light, accurate response and quiet key-work to ensure that even fast passages can sound and feel effortless. In addition, the keys have been ergonomically designed and placed to allow for a perfectly comfortable playing position, and each flute has been hand-assembled to ensure that the balance of the keys is just right.
The head-joint and body is silver-plated, giving it a slightly darker sound than nickel-plating. With Yamaha’s unique CY head-joint this flute is free-blowing and responsive, allowing the student to produce a fine, clear tone. The CY design is also used on the higher Yamaha
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