Yamaha MG82CX Compact Mixer w/ Compressor And Effects!

Yamaha MG82CX Compact Mixer
2 Mono / 3 Stereo Channels, Onboard Effects And Compression!
I bought this mixer literally less than a week ago, not having done my homework again. It won't work for my application. But it might work for yours, in which case you're gonna get a like-new mixer for dirt cheap! This little guy is 100% functional, with no dings, dents, or scratches, scratchy pots or wobbly knobs. I don't have the user's manual, but hey, it's a mixer. It's pretty self-explanatory. Or I can give you a link to the user's manual on Yamaha's website.
This auction includes the stock A/C Adaptor. Shipping and handling will be $10.00 to anyone in the continental U.S.; I will happily sell to Hawaiians, Alaskans, and international bidders, but please email me for a shipping quote before bidding. Any questions, please just ask. This really is a very nice, hardly-used item, and at a substantial discount over the $160.00 street price of a new one.
Standard marketing description from Yamaha follows.
G mixers are lighter and smaller than ever while offering some innovative new features. The MG82CX is an ideal mixer for basic music production or live sound applications that require high sound
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