Up for sale is a Yamaha N12, 12 channel mixer that works perfectly and is in good shape with some minor wear and looks great for its age(see pics).

These cool mixers are a Firewire interface, control surface and analog mixer all in one!

Great sound, reliable design and lots of features all with Excellent Yamaha quality.

Here is some more info:

An interface with mixing capabilities!

Yamaha's new n12 is a marvel of modern recording technology. Not only is it a full-function mixer, but it's also an integrated interface for Cubase. Onboard there are eight pristine Yamaha preamps, 3-band EQ, morph-able compressor, and a FireWire connection to the computer. The audio passes through the n12 - which allows you to manipulate signal as you would on a conventional mixer including setting up monitor mixes for the performers - and then straight into Cubase. The n12 is the future of audio interfaces!

Yamaha n12 at a Glance:

Switchable Phantom Power Direct Connect to a Wide Range of Sources hi-Z Input for Direct Guitar or Bass Recording Effective Musical EQ High-resolution Rev-X Reverb Dimmer and Mute Switches Source Select and Level Control Surround Monitoring and Bass Management Solo Level Control Talkback with Built-in Microphone One Function per Control 24-bit, 96-kHz Digital Quality

Sale includes:

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